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When I begin working with a buyer or seller, I begin by asking questions, listening to their answers, then work with them to determine what their wants and needs are. From here we, together, begin to “Match” their unique situation with the right service providers, homes, marketing, financing and more! To be successful in this ever changing Real Estate Market, my clients need to be surrounded by the best of the best – and my goal is to make that happen my using my “Matchmaking” skills to their benefit! 

A SELLER needs a marketing plan that suits their home, family lifestyle, time frame, neighborhood and comfort zone. We discuss our options and custom “Match” our plan to optimize the greatest potential for success! Once the offers come in, we “Match” the best buyer so that the journey to the closing table is as smooth as possible!

BUYERS are from all walks and places in life. Whether a 1st time home buyer or a grieving family settling an estate, Their situation deserves to be closely assessed and respectfully understood. Once I have a good idea of their needs, it is time to “Match” them up with the right lenders who can handle the best financing option available to them. Next we begin to “Match” up homes in their desired price range, neighborhood, amenities and styles. 

Once we find a home or a buyer, new “teammates” are added to the mix. Working in cooperation with the new Buyer or seller and their agent, home inspectors, appraisers, lenders, underwriters, processors, insurance and title companies is the key to a successful, satisfying transaction! I find that mutual respect, patience, understanding and a good sense of humor help to keep everyone smiling. 

As a full time Realtor, being available when my clients need me, as well as “Home Matchmaking” with the right, home, marketing and “team” for my clients is the BEST way that I can keep their “Real Estate Adventure” pleasant, upbeat and successful!


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